About Us

Shamelessly Saved Productions is a visual and performing arts production company designed primarily to meet the needs of hurting children. Our goal is to bring healing through dramatic interpretation. We believe that every child deserves a chance to live a life full of greatness regardless of race, social status, abuse or any other factor that can scar a child for life. We aim to break the cycle of self-destructive behaviors that pervade into adulthood as a result of painful memories.


Charmette Jones is an accomplished author, speaker and teacher with a heart for inspiring youth. Her mission is to see them delivered from self-destructive behavior. This passion has led her to the inner-city school setting where she delivers productions and programs aimed at empowering young people to reach their fullest potential. Jones is the founder of Shamelessly Saved Productions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. She has written and produced several stage plays including, Playground of LoveMommaThe Day My Daddy LeftI Cut Myself, and Where Peer Pressure Lead Me. Her plays have been performed live in the Downtown Houston Theater District and in venues across the city. Jones is also author of the books Teenage Playground of Love and Heart of Hope, which is currently in production as a stageplay.


Jones’ kind, loving spirit helps her reach greater heights as she follows the call to minister to those in need.