Charmette Jones, Founder

Charmette Jones, Founder (Shamelessly Saved Productions)

Charmette Jones, Founder (Shamelessly Saved Productions)

Charmette Jones is an authoress, motivational speaker, actress and producer. Born in Texas and raised in Philadelphia until age 10, her family moved back to Texas to receive specialized care from MD Anderson Cancer Center for her grandmother. After her grandmother tragically lost her battle with the disease, her family remained in Houston. Growing up in a single-parent home with four siblings would prove to be a trying time for Charmette, but despite difficulties, she did not let her situation limit her. Charmette attended Jesse H. Jones High School where she received an award for “Most Outstanding Youth.” She went on to attend Texas Southern University majoring in Special Education. After working as a teacher, she decided to obtain her BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. The confusion stemming from her estranged relationship with her father inspired her to become a beacon of hope for youth who share a similar story.


In 2003, Charmette was ordained as a minister in Lake Charles, LA. One night in the midst of praying, she had the revelation that education was a part of her destiny. This inspired her to write her first play, “Many Will Be Deceived” and to accept a position as drama director at Outreach Missionary Baptist Church. Her calling expanded beyond the church to the schools where she aligned with the Houston Independent School District after-school programs to teach theatre arts to inner-city youth. She has worked with Bruce Elementary, Marshall Middle School, Macgregor Elementary, Cornelius Elementary, Booker T. Washington High School and Austin High School.


In 2007, Charmette founded Shamelessly Saved Productions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to bringing healing through dramatic interpretation. She has written and produced several stageplays including, Playground of Love, Momma, My Heart and Hope, Where Peer Pressure Lead Me, Why They Have to Pick On Me, I Cut Myself, I Have a Secret and The Day My Daddy Left. Her plays have been performed in the Downtown Houston Theatre District and throughout several venues across the city. She wrote her first novel entitled Teenage Playground of Love in 2008. The book features gripping stories depicting real-life issues that teens face. Through her stageplays and books Charmette has touched the hearts of many young people. Her latest novel entitled My Heart and the Holy Spirit-Surrounded by Hell was inspired by her traumatic divorce and painful childhood memories. The book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play and Apple iTunes, and is in production as a stageplay.


Charmette currently works as a Senior Gas Distributor in the oil and gas industry and mentors youth on a daily basis. She has been booked to speak at numerous inspirational events and featured on leading media platforms including NBC, FOX and ABC. For more information on her work and upcoming productions, visit