The Day It All Changed

The Day It All Changed

I once lived in a world of pain. My heart was aching and my life was self destructing. Until one God changed all this for me. I was so blinded by the pain and I could not see how I was hurting those that surrounded me. Until one day God changed all this for me. I was so lost and found it hard to find my way out of the pain that was trying to destroy me. Until one day God changed all that for me.

I was hurting so badly and needed some relief so I got down on my knees asking God to help save me. He asked me a question, do you want to be saved and set free? I said yes indeed for relief is what I desperately seeking. God said okay I will direct you to my Son Jesus. I sat there wondering why God Himself could not save me but the pain was too much to bear until I cried out to His Son Jesus in my despair.

That night Jesus met me as I laid curled up in a knot crying out “Jesus please save me!” I felt the touch of His Holy Presence fill my soul as I heard His Whisper “Daughter be healed and whole.”

That night I was set free from the bondage of pain and destruction and I now walk in victory!


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