The Heart of a Teenager and the Heart of Hope

The Heart of a Teenager and the Heart of Hope


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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We’d like to take the time out to thank you for your endless support and prayers. Because of supportive people like you we continue to inspire God’s children to have hope and break free from the shackles of heartache and disappointment. Whether it be through one of our riveting stage plays like “My Heart and Hope”, or through our books “My Heart and The Holy Spirit Surrounded by Hell”, and “Teenage Playground of Love” we continue to find ways to heal broken hearts by spreading the word of God and delivering the truthful message about how he can transform each and every one of our lives. If you enjoyed our performance of “My Heart and Hope” the stage play in Tyler, Texas then we know that you will surely be in for a treat when you buy “My Heart and The Holy Spirit Surrounded by Hell”. The inspiring novel covers so many topics that weren’t touched in the play. You can purchase your book right now through Amazon, Google Books, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

When you do buy your copy, please feel free to like our page on Facebook and tell us your thoughts on the novel. We love to hear inspiring feedback from the lives we have been able to touch through the gift of The Holy Spirit.
The Lord has so much more planned for Shamelessly Saved Productions and we have so much more in store for you! God Bless!

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