The Strength of My Heart

The Strength of My Heart

Teenage Playground of LoveInspirational Scripture of the Week

Psalm 73:26

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.”

For the past few weeks Shamelessly Saved Productions has delivered inspirational messages on our blog to coincide with Charmette Jones’ latest novel “My Heart and The Holy Spirit Surrounded by Hell”. We hope that all of our readers and supporters have found solace in our attempts to spread the positive message about God’s love and his ability to become our strength during difficult times.

This week’s inspirational scripture reminds us that it is perfectly normal to fall short in life sometimes. Life is like a vehicle which speeds off with twists and turns and becomes completely out of our control. Eventually we have to give in and let “Jesus take the wheel”. Instead of fretting over what may happen next on your journey in life, enjoy the gift of protection that God has granted us. Are you having health problems? Are you constantly in a financial bind? Is the quality of your marriage suffering? Put your trust in God and believe that he will be your strength just as he said in the bible.

Please don’t confuse this message as permission to sit idly and do absolutely nothing in attempt to solve your problems or improve the state of your life. This scripture is to remind you to put your trust in God and lean not unto your own understanding. By remembering this key in life, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. Tomorrow isn’t promised and life is short. Enjoy life as often as possible.

If you still haven’t purchased “My Heart and The Holy Spirit Surrounded by Hell” yet, you can purchase the book online through Amazon, ITunes, Barnes and Noble and Google Books. For a limited time only, you’ll receive a free copy of Charmette Jones’ popular story book series entitled “Teenage Playground of Love”.

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