The Value of Guarding Your Heart

The Value of Guarding Your Heart

The Value of Guarding Your Heart

Proverbs 4:23

“Guard you heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

Whether you have already read the book or you plan on reading it in the near future, you will notice a common theme that “My Heart and the Holy Spirit Surrounded by Hell” hones in on; the heart. It speaks about the heart not necessarily in the physical realm, but more so in the spiritual realm. The scripture Proverbs 4:23 is a prime example of how we must ensure that our hearts are pure and free of any ailments in order to live a healthy life. Many would argue against guarding your heart because putting up walls will only prevent love from flowing in and out. But there’s a catch.

When the bible says to guard your heart, it means to protect your heart. We can learn to protect our hearts without completely shutting out the world. The key is to use wisdom and discernment to keep the gunk out and keep all of the good stuff in. Too many times we fail ourselves by believing that the only way to keep our hearts pure and whole is to be without sin. Although refraining from sin is a key tool to having a clean heart, we must also consider external factors that directly affect the state of our hearts as well. Habits like holding grudges, never forgiving those who have wronged you, and refusing to let go of the past will keep your heart in more pain than you could have ever imagined.

No matter what you’ve been through you need to remember that no one is perfect and we all have a story to tell. Some of us have been abused, used and lied to. Others may have had their hearts broken by loved ones or through the death of a relative or friend. Whatever the case may be, we can’t continue to let these obstacles in our lives determine our future. We have to free our hearts from the negativity in our pasts if we want a brighter future. Our hearts determine the course of our lives. If you harbor hate in your heart, you’ll most likely live a life where hatred is constantly surrounding you. If you never forgive your parents for abusing you, more than likely you’ll become an abuser. You have the power in your heart to stop that vicious cycle. There is always a light shining, but you must seek it first and in that light you will find hope.

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