Top 5 Learning Jewels To Take From “My Heart and Hope

Top 5 Learning Jewels To Take From “My Heart and Hope

My Heart and Hope New DVD CoverTop 5 Learning Jewels To Take From “My Heart and Hope”

“My Heart and Hope” will make a debut again on March 5th in Tyler, TX at the Caldwell Auditorium. This soul searching stage play is great for adults as well as teenagers and can teach the audience valuable life lessons. There are a profound amount of learning jewels that can be taken from this riveting performance. Here are just a few of the subjects that this production touches on.

  1. Domestic Abuse –

“My Heart and Hope” touches on domestic abuse in the home life and how it greatly affects your adult life if you allow it. There is a way out!

  1. Forgiveness-

The topic of forgiveness is greatly displayed in this production. Audience members can really delve into how forgiveness works and how to use it as a key for life.

  1. The Heart-

Understanding the content of your heart is super important for not only your walk with Christ, but it’s also a determining factor in how you treat others and how you allow yourself to be treated.

  1. Love-

Not only will you learn how to love according to God’s word, you will learn what the greatest love in the world is. You’ll also find out how to use that love to encourage yourself and others as well.

  1. Redemption

We have all done things in life that aren’t exactly according to God’s plan for us. Some of us have done things that we feel we can never be redeemed of. “My Heart and Hope” will show you how to conquer those negative thoughts so that you can begin to walk in your truth.

“My Heart and Hope” tickets can be purchased right now through for as low as $20. Get yours before they sell out! As always, Shamelessly Saved Productions thanks all of you for your support. God bless you all!



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