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Shamelessly Saved Productions takes situations like the one below and puts it in stage form so a person who is hurting may be set free.

Teenage Playground of LoveTeenage Playground of Love is a series of stories about what teenagers encounter on the devil’s playground of his “so called” love for them.

This novel addresses several real life choices and situations that our teens face every day. It is an intriguing page turner that is a must read for teenagers as well as parents.

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The Reviews Are In!!!

Great play! You should be VERY proud of yourself and your extremely talented cast! – Crystal M.

And WOW! you packed the house!!!! – Berunda C.

Heard the play was GREAT! Congratulations – Monique N.

BRAVO!!!!!!.. Thank you, Thank you… – Joyce W.

There was not enough time tonight, to talk to you and express how wonderful this play was! You know, many people dream and talk about what they’re going to do, but you actually took the leap of faith and put it in action! You are an inspiration…Again, OUTSTANDING!!!! – Berunda C.

Woman of God, what I know for sure…”Other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny?” from Oprah and I totally agree…We enjoyed your play tonight and I pray continued blessings in your endeavors. – Terry S.

The play was awesome!!!! We are so proud of you!!!! – Lisa H.