Inspirational As We Enter 2016

Inspirational As We Enter 2016

Inspirational Scripture

Revelation 21:42016

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.”

As we enter into the New Year, Shamelessly Saved Productions would like to leave you with an important inspirational message to remind you that in 2016 God will fulfill everything that you’ve been praying for. We pray that every single thing that you have sincerely requested from God, whether small or large, will come to fruition.

We pray that God dries all of your tears that you’ve cried in 2015.

We pray that God delivers you from the sorrow of 2015 and carries you into the joy of 2016.

We pray for peace in your home.

We pray for harmony in your marriage.

We pray that God blesses you with the spouse he has created for you.

We pray for new life.

We pray for safety in your children’s schools.

We pray that God places you where you’re supposed to be in your work life.

We pray for abundant financial blessings.

We pray the Lord delivers you from the grief of losing a loved one.

We pray for longevity in the lives of your family and friends.

We pray for more understanding.

We pray for wisdom.

We pray for discernment.

We pray for forgiveness not only for others but for ourselves as well.

But most of all, we pray that God blesses you enough to bless someone else.

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