Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places 1

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places 1

Teenage Playground of Love
Behind the Book: Teenage Playground of Love

Love, Sex & Relationships: What Teenagers Need To Know, How Parents Should Teach Them

Teenage Playground of Love is about three teenage girls looking for love in all of the wrong places. It’s an all too familiar story for many adults who have already experienced that confusing and impressionable stage in life. As parents, we want to be sure that our children don’t have to make the same mistakes that we made. So instead of allowing pop culture to teach them about love, sex and relationships, get rid of your outdated advice and consider these major key factors to successfully guide your children throughout their teenage years.


One cannot stress enough how important it is for your teenager to have healthy self-esteem. Without positive self-esteem, many teenagers find themselves making unhealthy decisions based off of whether their peers will think they’re cool or not. It’s the classic case of adolescent peer pressure. As a parent, teaching your children self-worth will instill them with the confidence that they need in order to think consciously and for themselves. You can teach your children to practice positive self-esteem by uplifting them when they feel down, encouraging them when they make mistakes and praising their accomplishments.


Parents should begin teaching their children the importance of having respect for personal boundaries from a young age. Raising teenagers means dealing with puberty and sometimes raging hormones. More than likely, your son or daughter will experience serious changes mentally, physically and emotionally and they may have a hard time understanding it. Having curiosity about the opposite sex and intimacy is perfectly normal. One day they might be pressured into engaging in adult activities. Make sure your teenager is prepared for these situational occurrences by teaching them that they have complete ownership of their own body and no one else’s. This knowledge is imperative for preventing your child from feeling pressured into becoming sexually violated or sexually violating others. You can show your children this from a young age by respecting their boundaries and letting them make certain decisions (within reason) for themselves. It gives them a clear example of what healthy consent is, that they should expect it from everyone and give it to everyone as well.


Last but certainly not least, the home is the first place where teenagers will learn how to love and be loved. Love is a protector and should never hurt. Are you setting the correct example for the children in your house? Married parents can teach their teenagers the correct way to love by treating each other with the utmost respect and displaying a healthy dose of affection for one another. Nonstop yelling, arguing, and using foul language is teaching your children that they’re supposed to expect that from their significant other. If you’re a single parent, being mindful of who you date and bring around your children is vital to teaching them what real love is. It also teaches those high quality standards for love and that they shouldn’t simply settle for just anyone all because they may feel lonely at the time.

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