“My Heart and Hope” help heals the youth!

“My Heart and Hope” help heals the youth!

“My Heart and Hope” heals the youth!


Did you know that according to historical texts, Jesus preached his first sermon in the synagogue at the early age of 15? Yes, Jesus our Lord and savior was a preaching teenager. We all strive to live our lives boldly in the faith as Jesus Christ did. So it should come as no surprise that there is no age limit for serving God and fulfilling his will on Earth. “My Heart and Hope” centers on a young girl named Hope who struggles in her daily life while keeping a deep dark family secret hidden behind closed doors. Will Hope manage to cope and conquer the storm that is constantly brewing in her personal life? Get your tickets for the play premiering in Tyler, Texas for March 5th, 2016 to find out!

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“My Heart and Hope” is a great reminder of how much God loves his children. He loves us so much in fact that he sacrificed his only son so that we may live eternal lives in heaven. God is so much bigger than our problems and he wants to heal all of his children! Below are a few young people in the bible who suffered in their childhood years just like Hope, but God brought them to victory!


  • David- “The Size of Your Heart is What Counts”


Have you ever heard of the story about David and Goliath? David was young boy with many brothers that were much bigger and stronger than he was. Still, God had a marvelous plan for David to become a King one day because he saw the magnitude of David’s heart. That’s what it’s all about; the heart! David went on to slay a giant named Goliath who was and still is the tallest man ever recorded in history. How did he do it? By having faith in God and walking in his true calling. You can read more about this story in 1 Samuel 17.


  • Joseph- “Overcoming the Odds”


Joseph was a young man around the age of 17. He was one of the youngest siblings out of 11 brothers! One day, God came to him in a dream and revealed that he would become a powerful man of God. When he told his brothers of this, they became very jealous and sold him off to slavery. Eventually over time, because God was on his side, he did become the great man that God promised him to be. Although it wasn’t easy, he also practiced humility and forgave his brothers. This is an inspiring story for those who may be suffering verbal and physical abuse at the hands of your family. Continue to stand strong in the Lord and he will deliver you! You can read more about this story in Genesis 37.


  • Mary of Nazareth- “The Mother of the Redeemer”


Of course we can’t forget to mention the powerful young ladies in the bible as well. Mary of Nazareth, or “Mother Mary”, was a virgin who became pregnant with the son of God as a young teenager. She had to face much judgment and ridicule because many people didn’t understand that she was predestined to become impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Because of her strength, boldness and humble nature, she gave birth to the Prince of Peace who was put on this earth to save us all from eternal death. Way to go Mary! You can read more about this story in the book of Luke.


Keep in mind, this play isn’t just for adults. “My Heart and Hope” is perfect for kids and teenagers as well. Purchase your tickets to find out Hope’s darkest secrets and whether or not she will allow God to deliver her from the pain that has infested her heart. We hope to see you in Tyler, TX on March 5th at the Caldwell Auditorium.

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