Our Youth

Our Youth


Ecclesiastes 11:10

“So, remove grief and anger from your heart and put away pain from your body, because childhood and the prime of life are fleeting.”

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Shamelessly Saved Productions strives to inspire and heal the broken hearted through dramatic interpretation. We especially aspire to help the youth deal with struggles such as depression, abuse, and peer pressure. Although it isn’t impossible, there is truth to the saying that goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Shamelessly Saved Productions understands that when you foster loving and encouraging environments for individuals when they’re young, the chances of them growing into emotionally stable and highly motivated adults are much greater. Positive, spiritually inclined and loving adults make this world much less difficult for everyone.

This scripture was chosen today in order to expound on our mission to heal broken spirits and allow children to have the secure life that they deserve regardless of what race they are or where they come from. The word encourages us to rid ourselves of all sadness, grief, anger and negativity because our time on this earth is much shorter than we think. We can get a lot more done and build up the kingdom of God more efficiently with softened hearts rather than with hardened, callous spirits. Most importantly, we have to teach our children to have that same mentality! Taking time out to minister to a child’s spirit in an uplifting way could possibly change the entire direction of their life for the better.

There are countless children in the world that are lonely, hungry, depressed and mislead by deceiving tactics of the enemy. Shamelessly Saved Productions is in the business of saving young souls before it’s too late.  We’re already achieving this through our mentorship programs, inspirational books such as “Teenage Playground of Love” written by founder Charmette Jones, and riveting stage plays such as “My Heart and Hope” directed by our founder as well.

Everyone can receive healing though God’s word and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit. We invite you to join Shamelessly Saved Productions on our journey to heal hurting children in order to make this world a happier place.

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