Teen Suicide in Houston – We Need Your Help

Teen Suicide in Houston – We Need Your Help

Houston, we have a problem! Teen Suicide is running rampant and plaguing our youth in today’s society.  Teens are under a tremendous amount of pressure to fit in with their peers in today’s society. Social media is taking them by leaps and bounds only to enslave them into human trafficking, torture, and cyber bullying.  As a performing arts educator I see and hear so much from elementary, middle school and high school students.  Houston, we have a problem of teen suicide, that doesn’t have to happen and can be prevented.  I’ve learned, that charity begins at home and extends throughout our communities.  Parents, I want to help our children live and fulfill their God given destiny!

Throughout the years, I have written and presented a number of plays to students of all ages.  In particular, I wrote and presented a stage play titled “I Cut Myself”, which I presented to a group of middle school students.  The students began to weep after they read the script and indicated to me that they knew someone personally or had experienced this behavior themselves!

I wrote a stage play titled “I Cut Myself”, which I presented to a group of middle school students and after reading the script there was not a dry eye on the stage. When I asked why everyone was crying the response floored me because they were either cutting themselves in secret or they knew of a classmate who was.

On April 27, 2018 Shamelessly Saved Productions will present “My Secret Love” stage play.

We need your help!  Shamelessly Saved Productions is asking for financial assistance to get this production to the community in order to reach our children.  We are looking for sponsors to provide donations of one hundred and fifty dollars or more and with your sponsorship you will receive 2 VIP tickets to the stage play.

Shamelessly Saved Productions is a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donation is tax exempt. You will receive a 2018 tax write off letter within a week of your donation.
Shamelessly Saved Productions thanks you for your kindness and giving that will help save the life of a child. Please visit our website at www.shamelesslysaved.com donation.



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