The Heart of SSP Upcoming Stage Performance

The Heart of SSP Upcoming Stage Performance

“My Heart and Hope” Coming Soon to Tyler, Texas

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We’re so grateful that you’ve taken this opportunity out of your day to return to! Our team has been working so hard in preparation of our upcoming stage play “My Heart and Hope” in Tyler, Texas on March 5th, 2016. Words cannot even begin to describe how heartfelt this play is.

We have received raving reviews from prior showings of “My Heart and Hope” and we aspire to continue to spread healing through dramatic interpretation to all those who need it. And let’s be honest with ourselves; we all need a little healing from time to time. Everyone has a story and you might be surprised what your very own neighbor has been through in life. They also may be just as surprised by your story as well. It’s still simply amazing how God allows us to carry on through our trials and tribulations in order to teach others about all of his great works and miracles. For if we never would have had any struggles in our personal lives, then how would we know to appreciate the unconditional love of Christ?

“My Heart and Hope” teaches us about the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. You will witness nothing but raw emotion and pure truth from this magnificently talented cast. Many audience members may find that they relate to some of the characters in “My Heart and Hope”. Although this may stir up some hurtful memories of the past, rejoice in the fact that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is allow The Holy Spirit to transform your heart. Come out and see “My Heart and Hope” in Tyler, TX to find out how to allow The Holy Spirit to renew your heart through Jesus Christ. Be blessed and have a great week everyone!


-Shamelessly Saved Productions



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