The Hope in My Heart

The Hope in My Heart

“My Heart and Hope” premieres in less than a month on March 5th, 2016! The production will be live in Tyler, Texas at the Caldwell Auditorium and we hope you all are just as excited as we are. Thank you for your support.

-Shamelessly Saved Productions

New Hope Postcard


Hope; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

What does your heart HOPE for today? In “My Heart and Hope” a daughter hopes that one day her mother will love her unconditionally. A husband hopes that his family will become whole again. A young lady desperately hopes that her heart can be saved in time before she faces a tragic death. Many of us in the audience are hoping for similar things. Some of us hope for more love, some of us hope for healing in our families and some of us just hope to have joy in our hearts once again. We all need the love of Jesus Christ to rescue us from our volatile paths of self-destruction. Do you believe Jesus can do it?

Come see The Holy Spirit work wonders through these performers and learn how you can have all of your precious hopes turned into your reality. Tickets are still on sale now. God bless everyone.

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