The Importance of Forgiveness

The Importance of Forgiveness

Charmette JonesAsking For Forgiveness:

The Challenges:

Shamelessly Saved Productions considers it an honor to explore the concept of God’s love through topics like faith, forgiveness, purity and the Holy Spirit. For today’s inspirational blog, we’re going to explore something a bit different than usual. We already know that as God’s children we must forgive our trespassers in order to keep our hearts clean and spirit free of evil. But how do we approach a situation where we must turn and ask for forgiveness ourselves? Because it is simply impossible for a human being to be perfect, we will more than likely need to ask our brother and/or sister in Christ for forgiveness. Listed below are the main road blocks we must overcome in order to be honest with ourselves and ask for forgiveness.


When trying to overcome fear we must always remember this analogy: False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s very possible that the reason we’re having an extremely difficult time apologizing is because of fear that we have in our heart. It can become especially intimidating to apologize to someone who is still angry with us and is still showing signs of violent behavior. Let’s try our best to look past all of this. This is the perfect time to remember that we aren’t just asking for forgiveness to please the person, but we are asking in order to free ourselves as well. God has our back through everything! Don’t let someone else’s craziness stop us from doing the will of God.


Okay. We’re embarrassed about what we’ve done. We feel absolutely shameful and can’t stop thinking about our actions that have seriously hurt someone. Our shame is preventing us from doing the right thing and sincerely asking for forgiveness on our behalf. It’s a natural human feeling to have. That’s still no excuse to avoid our responsibilities as a woman or man of God.  To be frank, we just need to ask God for strength and go forth and apologize. It helps to note that it is a positive thing that we do have some sort of shame for what we’ve done. It shows that we have a heart and we do have remorse for our wrong doings.


Have you ever heard of the saying “pride comes before the fall”? Well in this case, it’ll be our falling very hard if we allow our selfish pride to get in the way of us asking forgiveness for our wrong doings. If  the shoe were on the other foot? We would want someone to place their ego to the side to sincerely ask for our forgiveness? Even if we don’t consider this person to be an important factor in our life, people still deserve to be treated with kindness. Besides, is our pride more important than the will of God? Marinate on that.


As silly as it may seem, some of us have a hard time asking for forgiveness simply because we are stubborn individuals. We always have to have everything go our way. That’s such a nasty character trait we sometimes possess. God does not honor this! Not even a little bit! Who are we to think that we must have everything our way? God owes us nothing but we owe him everything. The least we could do is honor his word by walking in his truth and his way of life.

God honors us when we put our pride aside and practice humility by asking others for forgiveness. Remember, it takes just as much strength to ask for forgiveness as it does to forgive. But we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

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